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About me

Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek Ivona Tomiek
Age range 19 - 31
Build Skinny
Height 163
Colour of hair Chestnut red
Hair style straight long
Colour of eyes Blue/green/grey
Special physical characteristics Deep grey eyes and haunted look, expressive eyebrows
Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Mezzo soprano
2021 - 2022 Classical Acting London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art LAMDA (Great Britain)
2019 The International Casting Directors Network (ICDN) M4M at Sarajevo Film Festival
2019 Masterclass by Tusse Lande - Casting Workshop
2019 Audition Practice on Camera by John Melainey Actors Center London (Great Britain)
2019 Accent Clinic with Terry Besson Actors Center London (Great Britain)
2013 - 2017 Stanislavski's System: Method Acting 4 Year Course Dramska šola Satirikon (Slovenia)
2012 - 2018 University of Ljubljana, Degree in Russian Studies
2012 - 2018 University of Ljubljana, Degree in Spanish Language and Literature
2012 - 2014 Classical Drama Training; Spanish Theatre Company, UL


2020 Selected by the jury as one of the winners of the Dark Unicorn’s COVID-19 Monologues and Musicals Marathon (Award)
Great Britain
2019 Winner of the first international DUART MONOLOGUE COMPETITION (Award)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Languages Croatian (mother tongue)
Serbo-Croatian (mother tongue)
Slovenian (mother tongue)
English (mother tongue)
English – American (mother tongue)
English – British (mother tongue)
Bosnian (fluent)
Montenegrin (fluent)
Serbian (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)
Russian (fluent)
Italian (fluent)
French (good)
French (Middle) (basic)
Other Slavic languages (basic)
Portuguese (basic)
Church Slavonic (basic)
Dialects Croatia (Central) (native dialect)
Bosnia (good)
Dalmatia (good)
Herzegovina (good)
Montenegro (good)
Slavonia (good)
Accents British (native accent)
Croatian (fluent)
English (fluent)
American (good)
Cockney (good)
New York (good)
Spanish (good)
Russian (good)
Sports Badminton (good)
Ice skating (good)
Ice skating (good)
Pool (good)
Skiing (good)
Aerobics (basic)
Athletics (basic)
Billiards (basic)
Horseback riding (basic)
Rollerskating (basic)
Squash (basic)
Tennis (basic)
Yoga (basic)
Cycling (basic)
Singing Stage singing (very good)
Soul (very good)
Pop song (very good)
Pop (very good)
Operetta (very good)
Opera (very good)
Musical (very good)
Modern (very good)
Classical (very good)
Cabaret (very good)
A Cappella (good)
Art Song (good)
Musical instruments Piano (basic)
Keyboards (basic)
Dance Ballet (good)
Ballroom (good)
Ballroom (good)
Cha cha cha (good)
Classical (good)
Dance theatre (good)
Disco (good)
Latin American dance (good)
Modern dance (good)
Stage dance (good)
Flamenco (good)
Dance improvisation (basic)
Dance competition (basic)
Period dance (basic)
Polka (basic)
Standard dance (basic)
Waltz (basic)
Driving licences / Other permits Driver’s licence car
CV - Television & Streaming
Title / Production Company Role Directed by
2022 The Last Socialist Artefact
The Assistant
recurring role
Dalibor Matanic
CV - Film
Title / Production Company Role Directed by
2022 Total Paranoia
Norsemen Films; Norway, UK
Linda Kalergi Lawson
Supporting actor
Ben Von Cronos
2022 Berzaglia
Melion Productions
Lily Thompson
Alen Poparic
2021 Previct
Transcendent Media Capital
Peta Milan
2021 Portrait
Contessa Mareta
The Violent Girl
Supporting actor
Marin Nekic
2022 - 2023 Griselda
Melion Productions
Jessica Hill
Supporting Lead
Alen Poparic
2020 Thanks for Listening
Sebastian Novak
CV - Theatre
Title / Production Company Role Directed by
2021 As You Like It
Alex Waldmann
2021 The Taming of the Shrew
Alex Waldmann
2021 The Changeling
Colin Hurley
2021 The Changeling
Colin Hurley
2021 Cymbeline
Supporting Lead
Nick Hutchison
2013 Lysistrata by Aristophanes
Spanish Theatre Company, UL
Alejandro Rodriguez Diaz del Real
2008 A Christmas Story
Croatian National Theatre in Varazdin

Ensemble Leading Part
Dunja Tot Subajkovic
2007 The Nutcracker
Croatian National Theatre in Varazdin, Collaboration with Croatian National Theatre in Split

Member of ensemble
Bozica Lisak
2002 - 2006 Various Musicals (The Sound of Music, Stribor's Forest, etc.)
'Our Kids' Child Theatre
Leading child performer
Zdenka Knapic
CV - Commercials
Title / Production Company Role Directed by
2018 - 2020 The face of Caspar Design campaigns
CTRL Agency
Monika Rusak, Martina Denac
CV - Audio
Title / Production Company Role Directed by
CV - Other
Title / Production Company Profession/Role Directed by
2022 - 2023 Director's Cut
Racon Film
Anna Hansen
Ben Von Cronos